Unlocking the full potential of learning
during COVID-19 and beyond

Elevated Learning
Whether in a traditional classroom, on a college campus or learning remotely online, NEC can help educational institutions effectively adapt, especially in these uncertain and challenging times.

Our highly reliable on-premises and cloud-based essential solutions and services optimize collaboration, enhance knowledge sharing, promote greater accessibility and help to simplify and ensure learning continuity.

Tailored Solutions Specific To Education

Working with NEC provides direct access to communications and IT solutions, services and flexible hosting models that create efficient and responsive environments that advance scholastic achievement.

Our education team has the expertise, tools, services and technologies to deliver:

Flexible options that allow educators to move beyond traditional stand and deliver instruction and embrace more engaging teaching methods.

Broader and more intuitive access to pertinent information and resources that promote enriching and interactive learning.

Heightened operational efficiencies for increased connectivity, improved risk management and fortified coordinated safety practices.

Pre-configured, tailor-oriented and cloud-based infrastructure that promotes continuity through the protection of information and functionality.

Why NEC For Education?

As a global technology leader for over 120 years, we have proven our ability to anticipate and meet customer needs, to demonstrate technical excellence, align our solutions with strategic objectives and deliver results that are simpler, safer and better.

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